Very friendly staff and atmosphere! We love getting all of our pet supplies here and go out of our way to come!

Sarah L

I brought in my newly adopted 10MO puppy because he needed a bath but was scared of my bathtub at home. Not only did they tell me about the tub and everything they do, but the staff also went out of their way to help me get my puppy comfortable and used to their bathtub so that his dry and itchy skin could get the proper bath it needed. After the bath they also told me about products to help his skin in the future and sent me off with a treat for him. They are so wonderful and kind! I highly recommend!

Hannah B

friendly staff. calm atmosphere. clean store with unique pet products. our first groom there was amazing! I highly recommend them for grooming and unique pet items.

Amy W

The best grooming with Tamisha and great products for my puppy! Very reasonable prices. Tracy is always so friendly and knowledgeable too!

Angela R